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Morristown National Little league is a not for profit organization serving more than 500 boys and girls annually from the Morristown & Morris Township area.  MNLL provides these children a safe and fun environment to learn both baseball & softball, while also providing team play and competitive advancement.

General Membership Meetings:
All MNLL Board Members meet the second Tuesday night of every month (excluding August and December). Meetings are held @ 8:00pm at the Morristown Fire Dept on Speedwell Avenue (3rd flr). Purpose of the meeting is to discuss and plan our season and the program for the players. The public is welcome to attend and we appreciate your involvement.  This program is for the benefit of your children and any input you can give is greatly appreciated by all!


MNLL - Parental Code of Ethics

To maintain the positive, fulfilling atmosphere we have grown to love and expect in Morristown National Little League, the Board of Directors requires all parents to read, understand and adhere to the following:

As a parent of Morristown National Little League, baseball & softball, I will:

· Provide positive support, care, and encouragement for my child participating in the league;

· Encourage good sportsmanship by demonstrating positive support for all players, managers, coaches, and officials at every game, practice or other league event;

· Place the emotional and physical well-being of my child ahead of my personal desire for him or her to win;

· Insist that my child play in a safe and healthy environment;

· Support managers, coaches, and officials working with my child, in order to create a positive and enjoyable experience for all;

· Remember that the game is first and foremost for the children, not the adults;

· Do my best to make youth sports fun for my child;

· Ask my child to treat other players, managers, coaches, officials and fans with respect regardless of race, creed or ability.

· Help my child enjoy his/her Little League experience by doing whatever I can to be a positive role model, such as being a respectful fan, and helping the managers and coaches with administrative duties.

I realize that if I abide by these guidelines, the MNLL experience will be more rewarding and enjoyable for all people involved. The Board of Directors reserves the right to take appropriate actions, as seen fit by the Board, to discipline, suspend, or remove members whose conduct is considered detrimental to the best interest of the MNLL or Little League Baseball.

Safety is the Most Important Consideration

Little League Baseball has one of the best records of safety and protection of any youth athletic program in the world. Improvements in safety practices from continuing studies, application of rigid standard in equipment and the adoption of rules and regulations gained from years of experience are utilized to protect our young athletes. However, as an active sport, residual risk is an inherent part of the game and everyone (players, coaches, fans) should pay attention at all times to minimize injury.

Parents may be assured their children utilize the best and safest equipment available, as required by Little League regulations. Administrative training through Little League Baseball, as well as clinics and training programs that stress safety creates an atmosphere of concern and safety-consciousness for our volunteers and coaches.

What Parents Should Know About Little League Insurance

Morristown National Little League (MNLL) provides a general accident and health, and dental insurance program for all registered participants in MNLL. Registered participants will be covered for losses incurred while: (1) participating in all scheduled, sponsored, and supervised activities of the league and (2) during district direct travel to and from such activity. The overall aggregate limit of indemnity is $ 5,000,000. Accident Medical Expense Benefit has a $ 0.00 deductible, a $ 100 % co-insurance, and a $ 100,000 aggregate maximum benefit.

THIS COVERAGE IS PAYABLE ONLY IN EXCEES OF ANY EXPENSES PAYABLE BY OTHER VALID AND COLLCTIBLE INSURANCE. MNLL, not the parent, pays for this insurance program. It must not be inferred that a parent who contributes to the support of the league is paying for an insurance policy on the youngster. The policy is another service offered by MNLL.

This program makes it possible for MNLL to offer unmatched, low-cost protection with assurance to parents that adequate coverage is in forces at all times during the season.

If your child sustains an injury covered by the MNLL policy while taking part in Little League Baseball, here is how it works:

· Your child’s coach will complete an accident report and file it with the MNLL Safety Officer.

· Parent should file an initial claim under insurance carried by your family

· Should your family insurance plan not fully cover the injury treatment,, the MNLL policy will help pay the difference up to the stated maximum benefits. This includes any deductible or exclusions in your own insurance plan.

· If your child is not covered by any family insurance plan, the MNLL policy will provide benefits for all covered injury treatment costs up to the maximum benefits of each policy.

We trust that this brief summary is helpful in understanding the important aspect of the Morristown National Little League insurance program. THE POLICY PROVISIONS OF THE CONTRACT DETERMINE THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE ACTUAL COVERAGE.

Morristown National Little League

District 1, Section 1

League ID: 230-01-10

Send Completed Form To:

Little League® International

539 US Route 15 Hwy, PO Box 3485

Williamsport PA 17701-0485

Accident Claim Contact Numbers

Phone: 570-327-1674 Fax: 570-326-9280



"The Upper Deck", Burnham Park (Baseball)

Welcome to another exciting season of MNLL Baseball. As a reminder to the retuning families and as an introduction to our new families, the Upper Deck concession stand is run as a convenience (where else could you easily pick up a bottle of water or Gatorade for you player when they "forgot" theirs, or even feed your family on a game night). The stand also serves as a FUNDRAISER for the League. The stand helps to defray league expenses for uniform and equipment needs, field supplies and other necessary items to keep the players playing.

The concession stand cannot function without Volunteers. We know that people are busy, but we ask that everyone do their small part to keep the league running smoothly. Each Majors team will be responsible to provide volunteers to work the concession stand during all their Home Games. A minimum of 2-4 volunteers are needed for about 2-3 hours each time. Believe it or not – it is a lot of fun!