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MNLL baseball fields All-Star teams at certain levels/ages to compete in LL-sanctioned tournaments.  Most of you are familiar with the Little League World Series, which is a 12-year old tournament that is televised from Williamsport, PA every August.  In addition to a 12-year All-Star team, MNLL also participates in an 11-year old and a 10-year old All-Star tournament that end at the State Level (i.e. State Champion).  MNLL also sometimes participates in non-Williamsport sponsored tournaments after the regular season and playoffs.  MNLL softball fields All-Star teams in the Williamsport 12-year-old tournament (players 11 and 12) and 10-year old tournament (players 9 and 10).  Both of these tournaments end at the State level.

Tournament All-Star teams entail a significant commitment on each family's part.  The practice schedule is more rigorous than in the spring season (often seven days a week until tournament play begins).  Family Vacations the end of June through July are not recommended. Every LL team participating in the Williamsport tournament must complete an affidavit. 
All Williamsport Team participants must supply an original birth certificate and documents to to support full residence eligibility requirements. 

Summary of a typical years summer All-Star Baseball teams:
  • 8u All-Star Team
    • Parsippany tournament 
    • 9 game season, approximate dates June 22 - July 27
  • 9 year old All-Star Team
    • Mendham tournament
    • 15 game season, approximate dates June 19 - July 31
  • 10 year old All-Star Team
    • Williamsport tournament 
    • Initial 1st round 6 game pool play, approximate dates June 25- July 7
  • 11 year old All-Star Team
    • Williamsport tournament
    • Initial 1st round 3 to 5 game pool play, approximate dates July 6 - July 20
  • 12 year old All-Star Team
    • Williamsport tournament
    • Initial 1st round 3 to 5 game pool play, approximate dates June 24 - July 7
  • Roackaway 10/11/12 year old All-Star Team
    • Rockaway tournament
  • Tryouts and practice normally begin between  6/1 - 6/15 depending on when games start.
  • Final game dates are determined by District 1 or the corresponding tournament coordinators.

It is the MNLL Boards intent to ensure that all All-Star teams adhere to the following drafting strategy:

  1. Players are nominated by their spring season manager to attend tryouts.
  2. Players must participate in 60% of their regular season teams games.
  3. Players must be committed to be availalbe for all All Star required practices and games.
  4. A younger player may not play up to an older level by choice if there is an all-star team for their "Little League Age". Any exception must be approved by the MNLL board.  A players "Little League Age" for summer All-Stars is the same as the players spring season Little League Age.
  5. Only players nominated attend tryouts.
  6. Every All-Star manager will have a tryout to determine their final roster of the most skilled players.

The intent of the above is to ensure all families are aware that every player has a chance for placement onto an All-Stars team, but there is an nomination process that starts with the existing spring manager.  This will help manage parent and player expectations as well as avoid All-Star managers from having to make mass cuts that may occur if only a public tryout format was used. 

Additional All-Star information can be found under the "Documents" section of mnll.org

Uniforms:  All baseball levels receive a Hat, T-Shirt, Socks, Pants, Belt and Game Jersey.  Pants, Belt and Game Jerseys must be returned at the end of the season.  The 8 year old level does not receive pants.

All-Star Manager / Coach information:

A self-service scheduling model is utilized.  A team volunteer is expected to add each teams game and practice schedule to the website, so other teams can see availability and conflicts.  Each team will be provided a password to the website.

Game field assignment should follow the below scheduling guidelines: 

  • Home Game fields and order of use are – Burnham Majors, Burnham Minors, Kiwanis and Lake. 
  • The older levels get field choice priority 12s, then 11, then 10s etc. 
  • If the 12s have a critical practice and want to be on Majors the 8s game will get bumped to Burnham Minors. 
  • If Burnham Majors is available all levels 8-12 have the choice to play their games on Burnham Majors.  Younger levels should consider the backstop and impact to game play and past balls when choosing to play games at Burnham Majors.
A post game meal (a hotdog and small drink) is provided to both teams at all levels so access to the Snack Stand is required.

Practice field assignments:

  • 12s - Burnham Majors and/or Minors
  • 11s – Minors / Lake
  • 10s – Lake or Kiwanis
  • 9s – Butterworth 1 and/or 2
  • 8s - LaRue and/or Butterworth 2