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Field Maintenance Videos



Softball Field boxes should have the following in them.  
  • A set of breakaway bases
  • A set of throw down bases
  • Extra pitchers rubbers
  • A measuring tape
  • A claw hammer and mallet (use to install or remove the pitchers rubber)
  • Spare first aid kit
  • Orange tool box to hold measuring tape and tools
  • Spare base anchor plugs
  • A base anchor dig out tool
  • A chalk liner.  The township lines the fields but bags of line chalk are in the Vets shed if needed.



Quick Dry
When fields are wet please be sure to remove ALL standing water and rake before you use quick dry.   Over use of quick dry will degrade the infield clay content and puddles by the bases paths form more quickly.


Burnham Batting Cages
The Burnham batting cage nets should be taken down each November prior to any winter snow storms. See photos below.